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As the best music distribution platform, we offer our superior service to the individual artist and music labels by the partner up with all the biggest players in the industry like Sportily, Apple Music, Amazon, Beatport, VEVO, and more!

We guarantee to share your music track with more than 200 countries around the globe. Hence, your fans are able to listen to your track wherever they are. Plus, you can earn incredible royalties whenever your music track makes revenue from downloads and streams.

Music Distribution Plans

We know that you, artists got a diverse range of desires. So here, we have introduce 3 different packages to initiate exposure.

Basic Pack

Every simple step leads you to great success. Begin your miraculous journey here!

Protecting your exclusive rights

Custom release date

Expertise support

20 USD

Standard Pack

Most popular music distribution package. Enjoy seamless music distribution experience!

A custom press release on our label’s blog

Playlist pitching to our Spotify Playlist curator network

35 USD

Premium Pack

The best way to go beyond the horizon of your music career. Offers more than you deserve!

Digital Distribution to all major music platforms

Placement on our label’s YouTube Channel

Post on our Facebook page (1.5k audience)

50 USD



It’s up to you.
We offer different promotion packages for your tracks.
Choose the plan that suits you the best


Submit your song and we’ll take care of
your promotion right away.
We will contact you in a few minutes and keep you up to date.


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With our marketing solution you can focus on your music.

How our music distribution works?

Individual artists aren’t allowed to publish their tracks on iTunes, Google play, and any other major platforms. Hence, you must choose a music distribution service to publish your music track.

Our super-fast music distribution and streaming service start selling your music tracks faster than other services. The sooner your track is available in the stores, the sooner it gets play-listed and streamed. Plus, we love to guide you at any stage of your music career.

Publishing with Prodealmusic promotions is easy. Simply fill out our music distribution form, and just after seconds, your release will be in our upload queue. We check each fact of your information and let you know if something goes wrong.

Can I collect royalties from my release?

In the music world of streaming, consumption and purchase are inseparable, and you can earn money soon as listeners touch the play button. Here, we are allocating unbelievable royalties due back to the right owners, and you can collect 50% of all your streaming revenue.

Get signed by our label

Prodealmusic promotions offer artistic, friendly set-ups to distribute your music worldwide. We are always ready to sign your music to our record. Every track is classified and recommended to the people who are searching for their next hit.

We guarantee to offer license deals which means we invest in music over a specified period, and artists can keep 100% master rights.

Start to distribute your music right away with incredible music distribution packages!

How fast will my song be delivered to stores?

Your song will be delivered to stores within 3 to 4 weeks. During this time, we worked on playlist pitching, customized press release creation, and other promotions mentioned in your package.