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Prodealmusic Organic Promotions

Prodealmusic promotion is the best music marketing service in the music industry that serves artists with affordable organic music promotion campaigns. To promote your modern music track worldwide, we use all types of powerful platforms such as Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Social media, and many more!

It is a huge challenge for artists to promote their music or reach the target audience, especially if you are a newcomer. The specialty of our exclusive strategies is creating a 100% organic fan base for you, whether you are a new artist or an existing artist in the industry.

So, if you are looking for a music life with real states, including real growth, real engagements, and real feedback, the organic music campaign is best to boost your passion.

Grow your fan base organically. Let your thousands of audience enjoy your music on their favorite platform!

Let’s check how to shape up your journey with the Prodealmusic organic music promotion packages!


Premium Promotions

Legit and Authentic

Real Views

YouTube Comments

100% Real Engagements

100% Organic Views

100% compliance with YouTube TOS!

Premium Promotions

Legit and Authentic Real Plays

100% Real Engagements

100% Organic

No bots!

Promotion Will Get You

a Real Exposure

Premium Promotions

100% Real Premium Plays

High Quality

1 Unique Account = 1 Play

Better Royalties and Better Safe

Increase Monthly Listeners Organically

Better Ranking


Playlist Placement

You can start your promotions with the following packages

01. Citrine Package

02. Graphite Package

03. Gold Package

04. Diamond Package

Playlist Placement

You can start your promotions with the following packages

01. Citrine Pack

02. Graphite Pack

03. Gold Pack

04. Diamond Pack

Playlist Placement

You can start your promotions with the following packages

Deezer Playlist Placement

Choose from one of
the best packages

Playlist Placement

You can start your promotions with the following packages

Tidal Playlist Placement

Choose from one of
the best packages

Organic Apple Music Promotion

Promote your music and get your streams up organically while increasing your chart ranking. We manage all Apple music playlists daily and grow artist profiles to reach thousands of new listeners. 

Our professional marketing team does detailed research and analysis to reach the right and active audience. The correct marketing strategies and a worthy budget will guide you a long way to the success of your release.

We love to welcome all types of bands and individual artists, including Hip Hop, Pop, and Electronic or Dance music artists, to get a jump start with the best music marketing campaign.

Book your exclusive Apple music playlist placement package now!

Organic YouTube Promotion

Even if your music videos are super entertaining, don’t you have the expected number of YouTube views? Or else worrying about views of your content?

Mostly your case is not because of the quality and creativity. It is because of the lack of marketing tactics and tools for your YouTube campaign.

Do not worry. As the best modern music marketing agency, here we are available to promote your video and attract new real fans.

So, lets’ grow your music sustainably with real engaging fans!

Organic Spotify Promotion

Get your music on the Legitimate Spotify playlist and grow your fanbase with 100% real and organic human listeners!

Spotify playlist pitching is the most effective way to spread Spotify artist reach worldwide and find a new fan base. Spotify is the best way to promote music without spending hundreds of bucks on your marketing campaign.

We are here to perfectly shape Spotify promotion and promote your track on Spotify plays. Our unique, organic music promotions are powered and guaranteed to present your music to over 1000 playlist curators. Join with the prodealmusic promotions and enjoy the best organic Spotify promotion right now.   

Let’s place your song on trending in relevant and trending Spotify playlists!

Organic Soundcloud Promotion

Are you looking for modern music marketing that brings you to real fans who love to listen to your track?

Here, we are helping you to deliver your beautiful tracks through the prodealmusic promotion. The best news is we offer all promotional services at an affordable price.

Our excellent service promotes your Soundcloud music worldwide without fake bot plays. Also, we have a great network of music-related groups and communities on social media. Plus, there is a massive subscriber list in the music industry.

Hence, this is the best time to reach your quality tracks to the correct audience. So, reserve your package now!

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