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Spotify Playlist Promotion

An excellent platform for artists to promote and grow music worldwide!

Do you wait for new listeners and fans? Get your music on a legitimate Spotify playlist and let real humans listen to it.

We are the best music marketing agency that builds and grows artist and label profiles on the official playlists network. Our expert team is always here to provide excellent placements over the 1000 Spotify playlist curators with reliable marketing strategies. The wait is over. Reach thousands of new listeners with the Prodealmusic Spotify playlist promotion!

Spotify Playlist Promotion Packages

Citrine Package (Basic)

Playlist over 50K Followers

 estimated 10K Р50K+ Organic streams 

100% Authentic Reach

Better Royalties and Better Safe

Increase Monthly Listeners Organically

Better Ranking

30 Days Promotion

90 USD

Graphite (Up & Coming)

Playlist over 100K Followers

 estimated 25K Р100K+ Organic streams

100% Authentic Reach

Better Royalties and Better Safe

Increase Monthly Listeners Organically

Better Ranking

30 – 45 Days Promotion

150 USD

Gold (Established)

Playlist over 250K Followers

 estimated 100K Р250K+ Organic streams

100% Authentic Reach

Better Royalties and Better Safe

Increase Monthly Listeners Organically

Better Ranking

30 – 45 Days Promotion

320 USD

Diamond (LL + WSHH)

Playlist over 500K Followers

 estimated 250K Р500K+ Organic streams

100% Authentic Reach

Better Royalties and Better Safe

Increase Monthly Listeners Organically

Better Ranking

30 Days Promotion

600 USD



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Why do you need us, Prodeal Music?

Every artist has an ultimate desire. Once you join us, you can discuss your targets, the number of expected listeners, and the revenue level with the professionals. Then they will apply a unique Spotify playlist marketing approach to your music powered by Spotify Terms of Services (TOS) and Search Engine Optimization(SEO). No robots, we 100% guarantee to promote your music on Spotify organically.

Plus, we send detailed insights of monthly listeners, new fan base, and followers of your organic Spotify playlist promotion. These key measures help you to understand the audience’s demographics, listening interests, and habits. Also, these are important to identify the future potential of your music life.

The true insights clearly reflect some factors of your music, such as the quality of your music and how powerful a marketing campaign you carry on. This is a kind of strategic game. You should create fantastic music and select the best marketing campaign to win.

So, let’s check how we get your music heard! Choose one of the pre-designated plans and enjoy the exclusive benefits.

Is there any legit Spotify promotion?

Spotify playlist promotion is the best way to discover new listeners in an organic way. It creates a real human and loyal fan base. Plus, these playlists cover all genres, with niche and new ones growing daily.

Drastically increasing the listeners’ amount, country target plays and monetized able plays are the key outcomes that every artist is looking for. Our Spotify promotion services love to fulfill these desires and confirm your presence in every corner of the world.

So, with our legit Spotify playlist promotion, you can be a trending artist, band, or brand in this decade. Probably in the next decade too.

Can I promote my playlist on Spotify?

Yes, of course. You can promote your beautiful music playlist on Spotify. As a best Spotify playlist promotion agency, we identify the algorithmic playlists and place them on relevant platforms. It is the most effective way to attract listeners and fans who love specific music genres.

The best thing is, it does not matter wherever you live. With our Spotify playlist promotion service, you can reach your music anywhere in the world.

Most of the clients ask, do you conduct Spotify playlist promotion in the UK or Spotify playlist promotion on Instagram. Why not?

After discussing your requirement with our Spotify playlist marketing experts, they design the customized streams on Spotify for your music.

Additionally, our team created a playlist push strategy and distributed them through social media and apple music. It is vital to attract and grow real human listeners organically.

How can I promote my Spotify playlist for free?

You can get Spotify playlist submissions for free. However, to grow the true fan base, you must choose curators with a decent number of followings. In this stage, we can help you by providing the most suitable curators that can take your Spotify music to the next level.

We offer four different packages for artists. You can pick one of them and experience the real-time statics of the new fans amount, organic traffic, and many more.

Do artists pay to be on Spotify playlists?

Every artist or band should get support from music promotion services to playlist placements on Spotify curators. All of these distributors are the intermediate licensing part of Spotify. Their major role is the handle and distributes your music on Spotify and other streaming services.

Here, you have to take yearly or monthly subscriptions for Spotify playlist placement and organic promotion. The Spotify distributors pay the royalties you earn from the listeners’ streams.

After you subscribe to the Spotify playlist placement plan, you can upload your albums and songs to our curators. Then, we distribute your music tracks legally and organically. Plus, we keep 100% of your royalties and get paid monthly basis.

It is proud to say that Prodealmusic promotion is the fastest Spotify promotion agency in the music industry!

Every day is a new day. Every new sunshine can change the whole life of someone. Sometimes, it can be just a single step. Or else it can be a last step to the reached success.

So, think of today as your best day and put one step forward. Take a U-turn in your music life and change the music industry with your inspiring tracks. We love to uplift your music life and guide you until you reach the expected level.

Let’s get together and distribute your music to every inch of the world!