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Radio Airplay Promotions

Start your music journey with millions of fans. Let us grow listeners, streams, and fans in an organic way!

As an international Radio airplay promotion company, we offer our exclusive service to thousands of independent music artists, labels, and brands. Plus, our promotions help them secure more attention and visibility for their music tracks across FM/AM, Satellite Radio, Internet Radio, and many more!

We create an inspired fan base with your single music track. Then, it is easy to catch up with more fans for your second, third or fourth music tracks. Under our wings, we push you to spread your horizon and touch new bases whenever you are a beginner or expert. So, you all are warmly welcome to our platform, Radio airplay promotion.

Let’s check how your music track gets global exposure.

Radio Plays Promotion Packs

Basic Pack

Day Rotation

1 Day

ONE DAY of air-play
on LIVE Radio, USA
(Random time)

60 USD

Platinum Pack

Week Rotation

7 Days

ONE WEEK of air-play
on LIVE Radio, USA
(Prime-time listening hours)

120 USD

Gold Pack

Month Rotation

30 Days

ONE MONTH of air-play
on LIVE Radio, USA
(Prime-time listening hours)

180 USD

Diamond Pack

Submit your track to our

DJ network

to generate global exposure

110 USD



It’s up to you.
We offer different promotion packages for your tracks.
Choose the plan that suits you the best


Submit your song and we’ll take care of
your promotion right away.
We will contact you in a few minutes and keep you up to date.


Next 24-48 hours
you will see the first results of your order.
With our marketing solution you can focus on your music.

How Does Radio Air-Play Work?

We offer radio airplay packages under two categories. You can reserve one of them according to the requirement, budget, and target audience!

Radio Promotion

Get your music heard by millions of listeners with our top-class network of Radio stations! Do you love playing your song alongside a famous artist’s track? 

We offer aside prime time slots, especially for unsigned artist to bloom their music journey. Also, we guaranteed to hype your music on airplay during the random and prime-time hours. To add extra exposure, you will get a following to boost your music and reach maximum listeners.

If your music track is available for sale, our website with Apple music creates an excellent platform for listeners who love to buy them. Plus, you own 100% master copyright for the track.

So, this is the best time to give permission for the radio airplay promotions to play an approximately 4.00-minute lengthy, radio-ready music track!

Book your package right now and be a pop-up artist!

Radio DJ Promotion

We have a great network of Radio stations and DJs around the world. If you choose this package, you get a chance to share your new music and top DJs with hundreds of thousands of listeners, all via Radio FM/AM, Satellite Radio, Internet Radio, Club, Bar, Lounge, and Mobile & Entertainers. Plus, our personalized radio airplay promotions reach new markets from tastemaker DJs.

Each musician will receive a detailed report with music track analytics like reach, listens, downloads, and locations after 3-5 days of submitting.

So, stop sending your fantastic music to the blackhole and hoping someone will pick it up. Get ready, keep focus and shoot into the aim. Buy your radio airplay package right now!

Submit your beautiful music track to our Radio and DJ network. We love to represent you to generate global exposure!

Is Radio Air-Play Legit?

Our past experiences show thousands of tiny flowers bloom in the music industry. But, most of them were unable to find the direction to reach their music to the right audience.

Radio airplay music promotion is a great platform that fills this gap and gives its helping hand to these tiny flowers. We supply legit services at an affordable price with the prime purpose of converting listeners into fans and creating world-famous music royalties!