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How would you like your musical journey to be written about? So, let professionals help to share about your achievements, upcoming event, or latest album with billions of people.

Prodeal Music Promotion offers precise musical press statements for Music Festival Announcements, Albums, Songs, Videos, and Product Launches as a leader in the press release industry. Additionally, we have a brilliant staff of native English-speaking journalists who can help you to craft customized music press releases that appear on most trending music blogs and news sites.

Suppose you are a Musician, Producer, Hiphop artist, Rap artist, or any other personality who links with the music industry; you can reach your target audience with a proper music press release. Plus, we offer a music press release distribution service for your PR to fly over the extra miles.

Because of our superiority, many major artists have been getting our services and published their press releases on Raptology, 24Hip-Hop, XXL, AllHipHop, Hype Magazine, HipHopDx, and other noble platforms. Also, we distribute personalized online press releases through e-mails and the target media, such as magazines, newspapers, and broadcast outlets.

Music Press Release Packs

We have introduced 2 different package categories to initiate your journey to be recognized famous artist.

01. Hip-hop Music Press Release
02. Rap Music Press Release

Let’s find out what’s in the each package!

Hip-hop Music Press Release Packs

Basic Pack

250 words Press Release about
your music

US Targeted

80 USD

Standard Pack

400 words Press Release about
your music

US Targeted

150 USD

Premium Pack

900 words Press Release about
your music

US Targeted

250 USD

Rap Music Press Release Packs

Basic Pack

Up to 200 words Press Release about
your music

US Targeted

90 USD

Standard Pack

Up to 400 words Press Release about
your music

US Targeted

130 USD

Premium Pack

Up to 400 words Press Release about
your music

US Targeted

240 USD

Please choose your preferred music press release template from our premium template collection. Our accredited PR team has provided compelling and newsworthy music press releases over the past decades. However, let us know if you want to check out the sample music press release or music press release examples. We are always ready to share music press release templates.



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This is the best time to be a part of the Prodeal Music Promotion family and get a seamless experience with your custom-made press release. Just submit the following details.

01. Links to Your Music

We want some of your previous works, including its links, to build up an excellent music press release.

For example, you should provide your YouTube, Sound Cloud, and Social Media Profiles to present your press release more informative. Plus, your previous music performances and YouTube videos are vital to describe who you are!

02. Photos

The multimedia do a great job in the press release. Hence, share high-resolution photos of yourself and other related captures you want to publish along with the press release.

03. A Small Description of Your Current Project

You have to describe your current project, which you should share with your peers. Plus, mention the spots you may need to highlight more. Here also, feel free to share your raw details. We love to improve them to the engaging content.

04. A Brief Description About Yourself

We want to express the most highlighted periods, incidents of your music career, and story. Hence, please briefly introduce yourself, including your birth year, how you started your musical journey and how you became a successful artist.

Here, do not worry about your language. It is our duty to represent your words creatively and nicely. Just share your raw information.

What is music press release?

The music press release is a technique to enhance the visibility of a person or business that makes news every day. For many years press releases have been a foundation step to accomplish excellent search engine optimization for websites and reach a wider audience.

How do you write a press release article for music?

Most of our people do not know how to write a music press release or how to write a press release for music. The press release is the best way to communicate updates on the businesses, characters, and personalities. 

If you are in the music industry, you can get our PR service to promote your brand name, music, upcoming events, and the world premiere of your music startups. 

We distribute your press release on the most trending websites such as AllHipHop, HipHopDX, Raptology, TheSource, HipHopWired, Rap-Up, KaziMagazine RapCastle, BET TV, XXLmag, Bossip, OkayPlayer, RapRadar, TheHypeMagazine, HipHopPush, AllRapNews, DopeFuture, HipHopWeekly, StreetMoneyMagazine, AllUnsigned, Complex, Rap-Up, 24Hip-Hop, and others.

The engaging press release directly influences the number of followers and visibility of your name on Google News, social media, and other media outlets.

What is an artist’s press release?

It is a kind of press release deemed newsworthy and distributed to the news media. Artistic press releases help artists bring attention to their awesome arts and generate website traffic. The most important thing is that it assists in branding the artist and their arts worldwide.

How do I make a press release for an album?

Music album press releases can make or break you as an artist or band. It should include the facts that readers love to listen to. Hence, it must include the artist’s music career, including tracks’ back story, perspectives, and other related information. Plus, the short audio clips links add extra value to the content.

Our expert team is always ready to serve you with absolutely perfect PR if you need a creative press release for a music album. Just book your package!

How much does a press release cost?

We offer personalized / Custormized music press releases under two categories, including hip-hop music and Rap music press release. All music press releases featured attention-grabbing headlines, newsworthy hooks, perfect grammar, and proper format. Order your customized PR now!